Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Weather Channel Web Site

Recently the Weather Channel in Australia spent and great deal of time (and money!) doing a complete remake of its website.

You can see the result at

It's a revolutionary way of retrieving weather information from the Internet, utilizing a single page from which all other content can be accessed. This means that you don’t have to move from page to page – it’s simple and easy.

A really great feature is being able to go full screen with the satellite images, radar, and lightning tracker. You can also zoom in and out by rolling your mouse wheel – really quick and useful.

The cloud resolution is great – you can see fog clearly, which is often difficult in conventional displays.

Fog can clearly see seen on the new Weather Channel interactive map.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Some of the key issues the page offers are:

All your local weather information is combined into one page. There’s no more hunting through pages of content – you’ll have all the information you need – whether it’s the ten-day forecast, the radar or the rainfall probability at a single glance.

It offers you instant access to your local weather- the computer detects where you are, and instantly displays the weather information for that location.

A revolutionary Interactive map – displays satellite and radar data from both the past and future 24 hours and so you can track how storms move over time. You can manipulate the map to move between different locations, zoom in and out and even make it full-screen for a truly breath-taking experience of the weather.

It’s advantages to users are:

Ease of use –
No more hunting through layers of content to get the weather forecast, displays all your essential weather information in one page – so you’ll have everything you need in a single glance.

Furthermore, whilst other websites divide up the radar views into separate pages, The Weather Channel site has combined all radar information in their truly interactive map, meaning that users can watch the rain move across broader areas in a single glance.

Speed –
The new website is fast to use – thanks to cutting-edge geotargeting technology. It recognises where you are accessing the site from and takes you instantly to the weather information for your location.

Increased Interactivity – is the first Australian weather website to feature a comprehensive interactive weather map which combines weather observations and forecasts, radar, satellite and lightning information all in the one view. Users have the option to view the map full screen and can easily zoom in and out to view weather activity at both a national and more local level.

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